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Possible murder of Isadora Duncan,part 2.

The third version
The third version is that the death of the great dancer was planed before head. This theory advances Valentina Pashinina in her book "The unknown Esenin". In this work she suppose that Isadora Duncan was killed by soviet agents. But why and for what? 
The years that was spent in Soviet Russia showed truth about the socialism regime  and the environment around country. Semi hunger, lots of homeless children, worker families without homes, insanitary in hotels,thievery,lawlessness in service, trains which arrived and set off not by timetable and other things. But the most she didn't like is how the government lead their life. Well dressed, living in good apartments and houses (some of them with servants),singing  foreign songs, having what to eat, at the time when  people die from starvation, some  of them lost their homes - such things couldn't disturb Isadora. She called them for that “the new bourgeoisie”. Later, in her European tourney, she would tell that she haven’t mat a real Bolshevik in Soviet Russia, only outside.  Who knows, maybe this effected on poor situation of school?
 Also, the soviet government almost didn’t help celebrated dancer with a dance school.  A year after the foundation of Moscow school they stop to help and didn’t send a money on its maintaining. . In vain she asked the government to help her. But they ignored her. Isadora only wanted warm room in winter and some food for her pupils, good electric, water, salary for teachers and some cloth for costumes. She was prohibited to dance “Slavic march” because of the royal anthem, which was in this march. Also, the dancer knew about shooting of royal family in a basement of the house in Yekaterinburg and about this was not desirable for people to know. If she told all this, then already fragile reputation of country was severely damaged. And that she would possible begin anti-bolshevik propaganda. And that’s why they didn’t want Isadora to write about her Russia days in  autobiography.
Secondly, her relationship with Esenin could be another cause of her murder. It is known, that lots of those who knew closely poet or somehow was attached to him, was eliminated or died by mysterious circumstances.
Thirdly, Isadora’s ideas of free body and mind didn’t suit with the politics of communist party, where interests and view of citizens were subordinated to the state or to the leader.

Who was the killer of Isadora?
Pashinina states that it was ex-white guard officer Peter Morgani and his companion  Vanjusha.
That at that day when Isadora was going to seat in the car, she offered her friend her coat and the driver his jacket. But she refused. Her body was covered by woolen shawl, which Duncan usually wore. Ivan, who followed her to the car, threw shawl on her shoulders, not listening her protests.
After that the car moved only on ten yards. Such thing couldn’t be called driving and at such speed the scarf couldn’t flew up to the air. The author suggests that Isadora’s scarf were geared for the spokes of a wheel machine, only in such case  asphyxiation would happen.
The second thing on which writer emphasis is that there wasn’t any wild crowed, which saw her death and tore the shawl on pieces and  witnesses who saw the death . At 9:30 pm  in the  autumn not much people you would see.
The third evidence is the difference in evidences. Mostly, there were two main witnesses of car accident, Mary Desti and Peter Morgani. It was Morgani, who wrote about wild crowd. As well,
 he describe Duncan as “ sad woman with red eyes “, unlike Desti, who showed a dancer as cheerful and carefree person.  In his writing “ The last letter of Isadora Duncan” he indented  postponed his meeting with Isadora on September, to put away the suspicion from him.
 Here how he describes his month with Isadora. Having heard about lonely famous dancer, who lives in red villa, they decided to meet with her. His friend Vanjusha was already in love with Isadora Duncan, although he never saw her before. After their meeting Isadora fell in love with young men too. Two weeks his love lasted for her, and then he moved away to Belgium.  More 20 days later the tragedy happen. But, the accident was on 14th September!
Month later Vanjusha died in  the car crash.
Who was Peter Morgani, not much known. It could be possible that he was Isadora’s Russian secretary in need who agreed to help her to write a memoir. In the letter to Irma she wrote that she finely found well up secretary. Interesting thing, the first pages of  her days in Russia for the second book of biography was lost right  after the death.
Here is the version of  Valentina Pashinina.

P.S. Not long time ago I saw BBC documentary about the causes of death of Marilyn Monroe.
I think the Isadora Duncan death could be a good material for their next documentary.
The end.

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