Saturday, 31 January 2015

Isadora Duncan's portraits, London,c.1908.

The Dover Street Studios
                                                            Supposobly taken at the same day:

Monday, 26 January 2015

Isadora Duncan and Gordon Craig,pictured,possibly, at their first meeting.Berlin,December 1904.

photos from the book "My life"
Isadora Duncan first met with Gordon Craig in the mid-December 1904. In her biography she wrote that after her performance some man came into her loge and started to express his admiration,also accused Isadora of stealing his stage decorations and ideas. Isadora denied it and asked his name. When he introduced himself as the son of Ellen Terry, Isadora's mother Dora decided to invite him to their house for a supper.
Craig in his book denied this accusation and stated that at that day he entered the room, and knowing that she was very tired decided to say no word. But,according to Craig,they actually met each other a day or couple earlier. His friend Elisa de Brusher led Gordon to Duncan's apartment to introduce Isadora and her family. During the evening she talked about  different things and showed some pictures about dance,then she discussed her plans about creation own theatre. In the end she invited Craig to see her dancing,where at the beginning indicated event happened.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Elizabeth Duncan about herself,school and dance teaching

Archives of American Art
   Here is another post where was mentioned  the "Dance of Life":
         The Montreal Gazette - May 8, 1948

Monday, 12 January 2015

Isadora Duncan Signed Photograph Dated 1914.

photo by Studio Bonaventura. Courtesy of
Christian Sturgis

Marguerite Namara was Isadora Duncan's close friend.She was a singer and actress.Her husband Fred Toye was Isadora's manager during her American tour in 1916.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Isadora Duncan's appearances in Augustin Daly's stagings

As the first fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Around 1895 Isadora joined the theater troupe "Augustin Daly's Company". Augustin Daly was a famous  stage director in America, his theater company was well known in Europe too. Also he was a drama critic, theatre manager, playwright, and adapter, in other words he could be called a human-orchestra.
Isadora was hoping that Daly would develop her dancing career, arrenge her perfomances or put her dances in theater plays.But instead he offered the dancer a small  acting  part in pantomime "Miss Pigmalion",where the leading actress was a great french star of pantomime Jane May. The rehersal of the play was in New York, so she borrowed some money from her friends to buy tickets. In New New York her brothers and sister joined her, who decided that the fortune already made.This period of time wasn't easy for Isadora. During the rehersal,she wasn't receiving the salary, so she was often thrown out from pansions for non payment. Staging of "Miss Pigmalion"  didn't gain a success from audience. In her memoirs,Isadora said that after so much efforts, they gained  such miserable results. Besides, Jane May wasn't satisfied with Isadora's acting,so she always swore for this and others matters.  Isadora Duncan didn't find pantomime as an art, she thought about  its movements  in "Miss Pagamlion" as vulgar and silly that didn't conect to music,under which they were making.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Isadora Duncan's perfomances at the Solodovnik Theatre. Iskry magazine,1913.

The dances of Isadora Duncan
Isadora dancing with  her underage pets

According to "Moscowskie starosty" Isadora Duncan's perfomance at the Solodovnik Theatre greatly disappointed the audience and,supposably, Duncan herself. The journalists called her dancing as "monotonous and viscous",also noting her plump figure and excessive nudity.