Wednesday 22 March 2017

Isadora Duncan "My Life" online

  Depending on how the searching would  come along, the page would be updated .
French edition:

  Internet Archive or Project Gutenberg
Russian: The Russian translation is freely  available everywhere .
Chinese edition:(preview only, those who knows where to find the whole book in chinese, legaly online,please,share a link)

Japanese(preview only):
Marathi (India): Digital Library of India or Internet Archive
Spanish:Biblioteka Digital Hispanica

Sunday 12 March 2017

Michel Fokine's letter to Mr. Martin about Isadora Duncan's influence on him.

Isadora Duncan was often named by some  dance researchers and ballet dancers, who knew Michel Fokine, as the one who  greatly influenced  Fokine and his chareography.  The ballet perfomer  objected this statement in his letter to Mr. Martin and there  he explaned why it's happened. Here are the excerpts from this letter:

The whole letter you can read in  St. Petersburg State Theater Library

Saturday 25 February 2017