Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Anna Duncan portrait.Arnold Genthe,1915.

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Isadora Duncan during her time in Holland,Noordwijk.

Isadora Duncan,pregnant with Deidre, in Villa Maria.Noordwijk,1906.
In 1906 Isadora was expecting her first child. To prepare herself for childbirthing and to hide from people's curiosity, she decided to rent for a summer  a house in Holland,Noordwijk. During that period she was spending her time by having a walk on the beach,writing  in her diary about teaching of her art and observing her niece Temple,who came from Grundewald school for a short time, dancing on the sea coast.The other children wasn't with her to prevent reporters or anyone else from finding out Isadora's hiding. Also, they played with Gordon's Craig dog Black, which he left to the care temporary. Watching Temple's dances, she was inspired to write an essay "A Child Dancing"