Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Isadora and a chorus of Greek boys

Isadora with a chorus of Greek boys and profesor of Byzantine Music (left). Elvira Studio, c.1903.
During the pilgrimage to the Grece Isadora once heard a beautiful  voice of a child and then the other  two voices joined to that one. For good singing,the dancer decided to give to boy coins , which led to increasing number of boys. At that moment she came up with idea to resurrect the ancient Greece chorus. With a help of contest she took 10 most vociferous boys. Also Isadora hired a seminarian who was proffesor of Byzantine music to teach those children choruses of "The Suppliants" Aeschylus. Duncan dressed them with sandals and tunics.

  While the chorus sang, Isadora accompanied the choir with dances.  She and the chorus toured to Vienna, Munich, Berlin. But the publick didn't  appreciate this idea. Mostly, they wanted to see Isadora's own dances, especially "The Blue Danube". Althought the boys were praised for clear and beautiful voices. In spite of having  good voices, the boys were with bad manners and picky. They were thrown out from several hotel for a poor attitude to the staff. When Isadora settled them in her appartment, at late night they escaped throught the window to the cheap cafes and acquainted there with scum countrymen.When their voices has started to change, Isadora after some consultation  decided to sent children back home. Before departure, she and her sister Elizabeth bought them some trousers and then put on a train of the second class to Athens.

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