Thursday, 28 August 2014

Miss Patrick Campbell

Miss Patrick Cambell ( Beatrice Stella Tanner ) a was famose english actress. She is well known to us by being 47 years old, the actress  brilliantly played  17 year old Eliza Doolittle in a play "Pygmalion".This role was written by  George Bernard Shaw especially for her.
Miss Cambell has mat Isadora and her brother accidently.She was walking near by and  saw  them dancing in the garden.Charmed by their grace and beauty the actress decided to intoduce them to the right people.  Here how Isadora write about this;
One night, in the Indian summer, Raymond and I were dancing in the gardens, when an extremely beautiful woman in a large black hat appeared and said, "Where on earth did you people come from?"
"Not from the earth at all," I replied, "but from the moon."
"Well," she said, "whether from the earth or the moon, you are very sweet; won't you come and see me?"

Isadora looking over the sholder,1912

It is not know for sure when Isadora  appeared in tunic with bare legs for the first time.
According to Peters Kurth Isadora A sensational life, it was around 1899. During the concert about 40 decorous ladies left the hall, confused by the uncovered limbs.
About this period of time she also wore somewhat like ballet costume that was made from the mother's lace curtains.

photographed by Jacob Schloss.Chicago,1899.


She used tunic not only because she was inspired by Greece,but because it didn't fetter her movements, the body was free and breathed. Also known, that Isadora use transparent tunic to show the beauty of body and its motion. The flawness of such clothes increased the effect too.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Enjoy the last days of summer

Isadora Duncan, on a beach. January,1917.  Inscription reads: "Love, from Isadora"

                      Photo from  Allan Ross MacDougall Collection and NYLP Digital Gallery  .

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Isadora Duncan dancing

This are the only two footages of dancing Isadora that survived. It is known, that there was another footage, on which  was filmed Isadora'a dance  and last days of her life. It was shown in Russia, in 1928 under the title "The last days of Isadora Duncan".The further fate of this film is uknown.
Welcome to "The legend of Isadora Duncan".
This blog was made for those who are interested in life and art of famous dancer.
I will post here her photos,interesting facts from life and some mysterious cases which happened to Isadora.
I hope you would enjoy it and support this project.