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Russian publicist,philosopher Vasily Rozanov about visiting Isadora Duncan

I visited Isadora Duncan. As it should be expected , she is not childless. At my request to give a portrait during goodbye,she shook her had ("no") and, taking off the table,showed me a portrait of two kids, almost naked, in marvelous classical  poses."Only".On the one photo - she is with children. On the other two - children in different poses.
                Duncan, Isadora 78 / photograp... Digital ID: isadora_0078v. New York Public Library

            Duncan, Isadora 79 / photograp... Digital ID: isadora_0079v. New York Public Library

The boy is 6 years old, the girl is 8. Wonderfull "crumpets".  It wouldn't be  Hellenistic to haven't children in her years: avis - her fans.
Yes, her face is not beautifull. But she was endlessly sweet in her  simplicity and modesty.She is all quite.No chic and no "acting" and "theatrical". Her brother came with her, huge american. It happen to be that they are from San-Francisco.

She told some curious things.
- A dance comes from here- and squeezed three fingers,like snatching something, she raised them to what we call in gestures "heart" and what is the center of thorax.
- And this is not dances- and she ( in pleated hood) made a hip  move toward and than, bent at  the knee -upward."And-not this" : she bent her neck, turned head, mechanicaly raised hand to the air."But-this",- and on her unbeautiful face spilled with soft childlike smile and   heands  clasped in elusive,and real Greek movement.
- But why do you have all the Greek?
She paused and moved around the room.Then, with effort, said slowly:
- If you growing up from ealry childhood naked.... trying to stay naked as often as possibe...and constantly hear the music  at the same time, than poses and movement will turn  out in such form by themself... and this is not invented,and, I think, the Greeks - not specifically Greek, but universal. My dance,just the dance of the future,and not specifically the ancient Hellenic dances.
I was amazed. But the Greeks was tought by somebody? By whom?- By nature!
- From here,from here!- and raised both hands to the chest again,  looking with lovely eyes on us, as if trying to inspire thought, in her presentation - very difficult.
- And when it is here- it comes out this- and by all her corps, by all her life she raised up. There wasn't any body movement,I mean, she didn't "jump", but all her spirit raised in her, and your soul sympathetical  rose. She was absolutely beutiful. And no face, or or something meaningless, but deeply animated, I would say - "rapture."
 Yes, it is therein. Some subtle movement of the threads in the face, in a pose some "other shadow" on it - and the "lady in the living room" becomes a nymph. However, the "ladies" in it does not, except for the hood. She was all tired (the road),almost il,pale.But over "here"(heart) some movement - and she is all bright.
Of course,this is all a great talent and insparation.
 - The best pupils are from common ,from the poorest street families,and I have them learn (free school in Paris).But I don't teach them! Oh, no! They move however they whant, do whatever they whant, I only observing. They live, dancing, "in Hellenic", ie. E. Simply "per se", who it wants. I just add them the music and myself live with them.
 She thought and made a sore smile.
 - Is it possible to teach dance? Who is calling - just dancing, dancing lives and moves well. Because he is lovely and perfect his soul. But "learning to dance ..." - she clasped her hands together, as if squeezing water from wet laundry - what it will ?? - She pretended like something throws: - This is unfortunate, strict upbringing frightened, frightened boy's fear to make a mistake, you can just throw like forever lost the ability to dance. Oh, let the wrong !! Let all "as they wish"; of this "as they want" they themselves - and it turns out their dance which is at the same time, my dream of dance.
   It must be admitted that this is a general English method - the method of their life, their method of struggle and "competition". Of it by himself born "Duncan dance."
 - How I longed to and how I begged  that in any institution I was given room for the free submission of students, especially schools, especially the Academy of Arts .. And nothing could be achieved, all refused. Poor - my only hope.In them a better understanding of my idea of what I want. And so I would like to dance just for the poorest students. But I can give the gift of work, so let  them  give a room. 
Could not find in St. Petersburg? 
I looked at the cards of children: with the Greek prime bandages on  forehead (ribbon, "diadem" of the ancients), in which-rather than our trousers, bras and all sorts of nonsense, they seemed born of a forest nymph, wandering somewhere between lakes Erie and Ontario .
Sweetheart Duncan. And let her children be happy . And let her students be marry.
                                                                         V.Rozanov "Among the artists"

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