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Possible murder of Isadora Duncan,part 1.

   Eighty seven years ago Isadora Duncan was killed in a car incident. Althought  the cause of her death was clear, not everybody of her friends belived that it was just an accident. Some of them hinted or  openly declareted that she was assassinated.
   There are, at least, three versions of her death. The first one is official . Her death was caused by scarf that stuck in  a wheel of  the car.
 The second one - Isadora was cursed. According to Mary Desti's book "Isadora Duncan's end" and Brooklyn Daily Eagle Newspaper, she was cursed by a very famous film vamp. One day in Paris , Mary and Duncan were ridding in a car with a vamp actress and her young man. Isadora had just "packed off" a man, feeling that "his only salvation was in getting away" from the vamp. He was in a highly nervous state owing to the girl's spiritualistic experiments. The famous "vamp" rose sudddenly and majestically to her feet in the car and screamed, "You have taken my mate from me. What about my child?"
Althought there wasn't any child, Isadora didn't know about one and about this, she answered thar she would take care of a girl and her child. The "vamp", in a voise, trembling with hate, said, " I curse you. The gods of my fathers curse you and your chilfren forever."
Mary said that years after this event the motocar with Isadora's children drowned in Seine. And many times after that tragedy she would ask her if she believed in curses.
 Who was that "vamp" Desti didn't specify. Knowing that that actress was very famous, there are, at least, two suspects. It could be Helen Gardner, who is thought to be the screen’s first vamp by her film "Cleopatra".She also had a lover, writer and director Charles L. Gaskill. Maybe he was that young man?
    The second  suspected is Theda Bara. Theda claimed that she was taught "serpantin" walk by Isadora Duncan in Paris. Also, the way the actress said the curse,possible, more suits to Bara than Garder.Also, Preston Starges. in his autubiography wrote about his meeting with young Theda Bara when he was a child. Preston claimed,that Bara told him about her kind of unusual power. She could feel person presence,like tigers feel their prey.  Also, she could  write down the messages from spirits, while holdng  left hand over her eyes.
Helen Gardner

Althoght, a lot of those who knew Isadora Duncan, —Ālaimed that Mary Desti's book is untrue and appear to be fantasy of the author or her literature agent, who could  distort the text in the interesting of publishers,still, it doesn't mean that it couldn't happened. To believe in this or not, judge you.

To be continued...

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