Sunday, 12 February 2017

Isadora Duncan's Concert Studio(ex-Isadora Duncan's Moscow School) perfomance for the school pupils,1935

After the closing down of the Isadora Duncan's Moscow School in 1929, it was reformed into "Isadora Duncan's Conert Studio".Their  artistic director was Maria Borisova, who replaced  Irma  after her leaving to USA.(Althought, according to the Isadora Duncan Archive, Tamara Lobanovskaya was their artistic director from 1930 to 1935. But the soviet press points at Maria.)
Their manager remained Illya Shneider, who was previously the headmaster of the Moscow school.
The footage starts with the title"Learnig the Ancient Greece Art", where it shows the school excurtion in  art museum. Later on, in this museum, the dancers of  Duncan Concert Studio shows the movement of the greek statues to the pioneers.

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